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Kingwin Lazer 850W

Posted February 8, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Kingwin Lazer 850W is a solid power supply that delivers very good features and performance and does it in style as well. Kingwin has improved upon the Mach 1 in several areas, including aesthetics, length of cables, and even increased the warranty to 3 years now. While the naming of the Crystal Cube Connectors may be marketing flash, the reality is they work very well and look amazing. The choice of blue or white LED colour scheme is fantastic to see, particularly if you have a windowed case and want to show off at a LAN party.

From a functional standpoint, the Lazer has excellent voltage regulation and reasonably good efficiency, as well as quiet operation when running at lower loads. When heavily loaded, however, the fan does ramp up and is mildly audible but shouldn’t be inside a case with your CPU or GPU fan running at a higher tilt.   A wide assortment of sleeved modular cables that support SLI/CrossFire setups and an easy-to-use connection design, a nicet finish, and a beautiful flashy aesthetic further adds to the positives here.  There really aren’t any detractions here to note.

The Kingwin Lazer 850W can be found for approximately $150 USD, putting is squarely in the middle of the pack and positioned very well against other recognized brand name competitors. The value here is very good when considering what you get in return. Offering a great combination of features, aesthetics, and performance, the Kingwin Lazer 850W is a very good choice if you’re looking for a new power supply.



Kingwin Lazer 850W

Our thanks go to Kingwin for providing the Lazer 850W for this review.



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