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Kingwin DockMaster USB 3.0 Docking Station

Posted April 13, 2010 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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External drives are often one of those things that tend to slip your mind when planning your computer dream system. Well, to be honest, all the best hardware in the world is nothing compared to the value of irreplacable data. We’ve seen too many people lose important data, loses that could have been easily prevented or avoided with a simple backup drive.

Data backup today is more convenient and economical than ever. Costs have dropped considerably, and large-capacity hard drives can be found at very reasonable prices. The only problem with large external drives is that it takes forever to transfer huge amounts of data across a traditional USB 2.0 interface. Even with eSATA, the speed improvements are good but not quite successful in our opinion, partly due to speed caps but also the lack of widespread acceptance like USB interface. To combat these issues, USB 3.0 has arrived, and offers a massive speed boost over both USB 2.0 and eSATA. The only drawback is that the USB 3.0 technology hasn’t really hit mainstream acceptance yet, but it is moving in that direction. For early adopters, though, the speeds available are tremendous, making slow external disk enclosures a thing of the past.

The Kingwin DockMaster USB 3.0 SATA Docking Station is an external drive enclosure that utilizes the speed of the latest technology in an extremely easy to use hot swap setup to serve all your backup and storage needs. And to show you what a massive difference that USB 3.0 makes, we’ll be using a very fast Solid State Drive to show you not only how close USB comes to SATA II, but also how USB 2.0 is left behind in the dust.

Follow along with us as we take a close look at the Kingwin DockMaster USB 3.0 docking station and see for yourself just how fast an external drive can be.

Thanks go to Kingwin for supplying the review sample.

Kingwin was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce quality accessories, solutions, and options for its customers. Its main categories include: external/internal storage solutions, power supplies and thermal solutions. As one of the top producers of high quality, DIY computer accessories, Kingwin is poised to lead today’s market. Kingwin works in conjunction with both impressive PC functionality and user individuality. Kingwin enclosures and mobile rack solutions also continue to be the first choice among consumers world wide. Just as impressive are the high performance Kingwin power supplies which are now certified by Nvidia SLI, 80Plus and have received recognition & awards worldwide. The most recent "Mach 1 Modular Series" continues to sweep the gaming market by storm. In addition to the retailer channel, Kingwin has also gained great success among distributors, OEM customers, system integrators, and VARs.



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