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Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB

Posted July 16, 2012 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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The drive we tested today is a new revision of the older SSDNow V200 introduced back in November 2011 which followed with reports about the performance degradation of the smaller 64GB and the 128GB versions. Kingston went back to the drawing board to correct the issues with this revision and during our testing were weren’t able to see any problems; it appears a Firmware revision did the trick. And to put your mind at ease, Kingston SSDs are backed by a three-year warranty and 24/7 live technical support should any problem arise.

The Kingston SSDNow V200 has the JMicron 668 Controller and Toshiba 24nm 3KP/E Cycle MLC NAND flash,making it occupy lower price point in the market for your upgrade while maintaining outstanding performance in your day to day needs of a laptop or Desktop PC. And it comes packed with everything you would need for a quick install of the SSD to your system including 3.5″ to 2.5″ adapter brackets, a red SATA data cable, the 4-Pin Molex to SATA power cable, installation DVD, and Acronis True Image for migrating your data to the SSDNow V200. Like all the other Kingston SSDs we have been able to review, again Kingston includes the 4-Pin factory service connector and comes with a full set of instructions for those that are first time buyers of an SSD.

During our testing the Kingston was able to exceed every maximum specification they have posted for the SSD. It’s also a plug and play process, with no need to update drivers, and we were able to jump right in and test the SSDNow V200 without issue. The most impressive results would go to the Random Read test with AIDA64 Disk benchmark, with blazing speeds of 458.8MB/s Linear Reads in excess of 523MB/s on a factory-rated 300MB/s SSD.

Priced at $105 for the Upgrade Kit ($100 for the standalone version) that’s an outstanding price, one of the most affordable 128GB drives in fact. Considering that you also get an accessory package second to none, that is just phenomenal. Performance is great, and the value is fantastic. If you’re looking to upgrade to an SSD without breaking the bank, the Kingston SSDNow V200 is a top value option.

Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB




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