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Kingston SSDNow SNV425-S2 128GB

Posted March 29, 2010 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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The SSDNow V SNV425-S2 128GB Solid State Drive is Kingston’s mainstream model in the marketplace. Depending which bundle you decide upon, this SSD could cost as low as $260 USD. That is about $100 cheaper than competing Indilinx-based SSDs, a huge price difference that cannot be overlooked. Frankly, we often look at performance as the primary consideration when reviewing products but this is a glaring exception; price is driving this Kingston SSD, and the price is excellent for what you get.

To recap the performance, then, let’s break it down summarily now. The short version is the SNV425-S2 cannot compete with the Indilinx-based SSDs. However, that’s not to say this drive isn’t fast, because it is. Will you notice the difference? Perhaps, perhaps not. But the reality is that compared to your traditional hard drive, this SSD is stinking fast. On a more detailed look, the sequential read and write speeds are excellent, almost as fast as the competitors. The small file, random writes, however, are where the performance here takes a hit. And this is why the cheaper price. There’s a very good reason why the Indilinx drives cost a small fortune and that’s a good part of it.

All things considered, though, the SNV425-S2 is a very fast SSD in terms of overall daily use. And that is the target market here: mainstream, and dare I say, budget? With TRIM support out of the box and an excellent price, the appeal of this drive cannot be denied.

The Kingston V SNV425-S2 may not be the fastest SSD on the market, but it’s no slouch, and with an excellent price, you get a very capable SSD, and the value offered here is the most impressive feature. The Kingston SNV425-S2 is probably one of the first “affordable” SSDs on the market that isn’t a basement-dweller in terms of performance. Frankly, with these respectable numbers and amazing price, this drive is sure to make many consumers jump onto the SSD bandwagon.

Kingston SSDNow V SNV425-S2 128GB

Thanks go to Kingston for providing the review sample.



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