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Kingston HyperX Red 8GB DDR3-1600

Posted February 20, 2012 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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Features and Package

Kingston’s KHX1600C9D3B1RK2/8GX features the following (from Kingston):

"Kingston’s KHX1600C9D3B1RK2/8GX is a kit of two 512M x 64-bit (4GB) DDR3-1600 CL9 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM), 2Rx8 memory modules, based on sixteen 256M x 8-bit FBGA components per module. Each module kit supports Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles). Total kit capacity is 8GB. Each module kit has been tested to run at DDR3-1600 at a low latency timing of 9-9-9 at 1.65V. The SPDs are programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR3-1333 timing of 9-9-9 at 1.5V. Each 240-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers and requires +1.5V."

Here are the specifications of the Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3-1600 Red Dual Channel:

  • CL(IDD) 9 cycles
  • Row Cycle Time (tRCmin) 49.5ns (min.)
  • Refresh to Active/Refresh 160ns (min.)
  • Command Time (tRFCmin)
  • Row Active Time (tRASmin) 36ns (min.)
  • Power (Operating) 1.410 W* (per module)
  • UL Rating 94 V – 0
  • Operating Temperature 0°C to 85°C
  • Storage Temperature -55°C to +100°C

It is worth noting that Kingston’s memory modules are covered under a lifetime warranty.

The HyperX Limited Edition Red Series kit comes in a typical Kingston package, with clear plastic front and a large sticker across the front that displays some of the specifications information. Once the sticker is sliced along the edges, you can just lift off the cover; you don’t need to worry about destroying the entire packaging just to get at the sticks.

Let’s take a closer look at these modules.

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