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Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB DDR3-2400

Posted May 7, 2012 by James Baranski (Drdeath) in RAM







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by James Baranski (Drdeath)
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Kingston continues with their tradition of making great memory modules. Their latest edition, the 8GB HyperX Genesis 2400MHz kit tops the charts in default speeds for the X79 platform. Their last release, the HyperX Red edition really impressed us, as do these HyperX Genesis modules.

The Kingston HyperX Genesis heat spreaders have not changed, and are still a great choice for those looking for good looking and higher performance low profile memory. The blue aesthetics add color to any system build, but would look particularly impressive on any ASUS P9 series or Sapphire motherboards featuring blue DIMM slots, and other similarly colored accents.

The overclocking prowess may not look huge considering the HyperX Genesis’ default speeds are 2400MHz, but we were able to overclock them to 2460MHz which is the highest of any quad channel memory kit we have seen so far. Performance increases from 1600MHz to 2400MHz held their course in our benchmarks while latencies and bandwidth increases were up by 22%.

Overall, you would think higher frequencies yield better performance but that is not always true. It depends on the application. We’ve found the sweet spot for memory frequencies with the X79 platform are at 2400MHz for CPU overclocking. In Cinebench and Excel, we see better overall scores at 2400MHz and 2133MHz. 1866MHz shows a slight performance hit.

By no means are the Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB kit priced for the budget seeker but those who crave Sandy bridge “E” processors are not frugal when it comes to performance. Top shelf computing power coupled with cutting edge memory frequencies brings some serious horsepower; however, we have seen 16GB kits priced considerably less and $208 holds a high price tag. Simply said, you can buy more memory capacity with similar performance without spending $200. Still, the Kingston HyperX Genesis 2400MHz kit performs very well and earns the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award.

Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB DDR3-2400MHz




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