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Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1866MHz CL10 Memory (HX318C10FWK2/8) Review

Posted May 2, 2014 by Kenny in RAM


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Price at time of Review: $79.99 on Newegg.com


Outstanding Overclocking Capabilities, Low Profile, Excellent Aesthetics.


We find that the Kingston HyperX Fury Memory is a tremendous value and considering the memory overclocking capabilities, you won't find a better performing unit at this price range.
by Kenny
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For the benchmarks today we will be looking at both speed testing and also latency testing. We use two of the most popular memory benchmarking programs available today, AIDA64 Extreme and MaxxMem2. Let’s take a look at our benchmarked results for AIDA 64 first.

Here we have the AIDA 64 Extreme speed testing. We started with a range of frequency from 1866MHz to 2600MHz. Please note from our overclocking section that the 2600MHz testing was done at the 4670K at 4.0GHz.

While we did get the memory to overclock to 2608MHz, we didn’t include the results since they were lower than the 2600MHz due to the memory timings.

AIDA64 – Memory Speeds

AIDA Speed


Looking at the results, with the 1866MHz to 2400MHz, we saw a noticeable gain in performance and 2400MHz seemed to be the sweet spot. Once we took that step forward to 2600MHz and the timings had to be loosened, they dropped the overall scoring which slowed the memory down. For most users, leaving the memory to run at the 2400MHz speeds will prove to be a better gain in performance. Anything past that just seems to take up more power and waste the memory’s potential.

AIDA64 – Memory Latency


When it came to latency testing, even with the higher timing settings at 2600MHz, the latency improved, but not by great deal. So, depending on your needs, running at 2400MHz does show some noticeable gains with the speed capabilities combined.

Next, moving onto the MaxxMem2 benchmarks, lets take a look at the speed testing….

Maxxmem2 – Memory Speeds 

Maxxmem Speed

Going over the Maxxmem2 results, if you take a look here, you will notice that the MaxxMem results varied a little bit from our AIDA64 Testing. This goes to show that each software is different. We continue to see the trend like we did with AIDA64; the Kingston HyperX Fury seemed to favor the 2400MHz speed setting due to its tighter timings.

Maxxmem2 – Memory Latency

Maxxmem Lat.

As we saw with AIDA 64, when it came to latency testing, the 2600MHz was a decent improvement with latency; however this time around, it was by an even smaller margin. With this in mind, the 2400MHz speed setting continues to give us the best of both worlds in terms of speed and latency.

With the overview of the benchmarks complete, lets wrap things up.

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    Planning to buy this RAM. Currently confused between Corsair and this one.
    Help me out to select the best bang for the buck RAM module.

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