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Kingston HyperX 3GB DDR3-2000

Posted February 3, 2009 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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Prices of DDR3 modules are finally dropping, and it is the future, plain and simple. As we’ve seen with Intel’s Core i7 processors and its integrated memory controller, the performance differences are really starting to show now, as the technological actuals catch up to the potentials. That is certainly evident with the new triple-channel memory we’re seeing mated to the X58 motherboards. The horsepower is considerable, and memory is a critical component in realizing the advancements.

Another case of this is with the tri-channel 6GB kits and a 64-bit operating system like Vista to harness that full potential. With DDR2 prices through the floor and people deciding to go with 4GB of RAM, we see that is becoming the norm on modern systems. But with the limited imposed by a 32-bit OS, we’ve finally reached the precipice where the jump to 64-bit OS is a given in this upcoming computer generation; frankly it’s inevitable. With the advent of 6GB memory packages, this is a perfect time to look at that next step, particularly with the availability of modules such as these Kingston sticks that can really pump out the performance at the highest levels, particularly for those who want to overclock their Core i7.

However, if you don’t have the need for the full 6GB, or choose to pair up two sets of 3GB, then these Kingston HyperX modules offer excellent performance and still have a bit of headroom left over when beyond their 2000MHz rated speeds. The tolerances and returns are smaller the higher you go in the speed department, but these modules have sufficient gas left in the tank to reach some blistering numbers on your system. Running 2000MHz at CL8 timings is nothing to scoff and, and there are precious few products that can achieve that upper echelon of performance.

With a current MSRP of $260 USD, these DDR3-2000 HyperX modules do not come cheap, but top performance rarely does. Kingston has done a fine job with these modules, showcasing beautiful aesthetics, quality construction, easy to use X.M.P. profiles, and excellent performance. If you’re looking to jump on the Core i7 bandwagon and have a very healthy budget, these Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 modules are top shelf.


Kingston DDR3-200 Tri-Channel

Our thanks go to Kingston for providing the modules for this review.



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