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Interview – Palit Multimedia

Posted September 4, 2008 by admin in Video Cards







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We’re always looking to connect with industry players in the tech world, and we recently had the opportunity to speak extensively with Darren Polskowski, Public Relations Manager for Palit Multimedia for North/Central America. We would normally be a bit hesitant to interview a PR person directly, but in this case we couldn’t pass this up and made an exception. The reason for this is you may recognize Darren’s name…..his background is not PR in fact; he’s the former Graphics Editor and writer for Tom’s Hardware Guide. He’s no lightweight, and his knowledge and credentials in the field of graphics are impressive. He actually got his start in gaming as you’ll soon find out. Ah, a fellow gamer who rose through the ranks to become a mover-and-shaker…..just our kind of guy.

You may not be very familiar with http://www.palit.biz/en/, but they are one of the 3 largest graphics card manufacturers in the world and are new to the North American market. Gainward is just one of the brands they own, and command 60% of the Chinese market and 40% of the European market. Darren’s role at Palit puts him on the frontlines of consumers, taking their feedback and working to put it into action through product development. With a hardcore passion for hardware, Darren hinted to us that he sees himself as a consumer and community resource, and not some suit-type sitting in an office.

Let’s jump into the Q & A and try to learn a bit more about what Palit brings to the table in a very competitive graphics market and see what "Professor Polkowski" has to say about graphics in particular. Some of his answers hint at some very cool upcoming things in the industry and shed some light about a few current hot topics.



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