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Interview – CoolIT Systems

Posted January 8, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Trends & Products

PureOC – What are the significant trends you are seeing in the industry?

CoolIT – As CPUs and GPUs have gotten hotter over the years, heatsinks have had to find ways of creating more surface area which has caused them to get bigger, heavier and more expensive. A lot of system integrators are becoming weary of the stress these heatsinks put on the motherboard and a lot end users are just getting tired of fumbling with massive heatsinks. Our products are easier to install and mount to the chassis, not the motherboard…..it’s just another one of those little thing pointing towards the emegergence of liquid cooling as the new standard for cooling computers.

As Barry leads me around the building we come to where all the magic happens; the lab is divided into a few different areas: Engineering, Testing, and an area where they assemble a few of their customized products in-house. Of course, all work and no play would be too stressful for these folks….a drums jam session anyone?

In the assembly area of the lab these two hard working gentlemen are assembling some modified Freezone Elites for the US Army fueling stations overseas.

PureOC – What about the new Freezone Elite? Do you still have plans on releasing an upgraded version, and if you do, what has changed on the new Elite?  

CoolIT – We are currently in the process of manufacturing a revised Freezone Elite. Since the core chiller is remaining the same, the retail name will not change but the ‘new’ Elite will now feature an improved FHE (waterblock), sleeved cables, and a new pump. There is also a really good chance its going to be priced more aggressively as well!

PureOC – With the success of the Boreas chiller, are there any upgrades or perhaps a new model in the future ?

CoolIT – The Boreas will remain exactly as it is for the time being but I would not be surprised if it got some improvements similar to the Elite in Q3 or Q4 2010. Internal development of TEC coolers has also been ongoing since the release of the Elite at CES 2009…..there is some really ‘COOL’ stuff in the pipe so definitely keep your eyes on us all this year. 

PureOC – Does CoolIt have any plans on designing a case of their own with a built-in cooling system for today’s gamer or overclocking enthusiast?

CoolIT – If any of you had a chance to stop by our booth at CES 2009, you probably got a sneek peek of a “concept PC” we had been developing that was code named “XO”. The statement we were making with the XO PC was that when you think about liquid cooling from the beginning, it opens up a lot of other design aspects and enables really powerful machines to be made in a smaller, quieter and more elegant. That machine was really popular last year and has garnered considerable attention from several Tier 1 OEM’s and system builders.  As we all know, the integration of the cooling system into the chassis is crucial and we will continue to work closely with our system building partners to bring machines with more tightly integrated chassis, liquid cooling and control systems to fruition.

PureOC – What does CoolIT have planned for 2010?

CoolIT – We have a massive year ahead of us in 2010 starting with the recent announcement of our universal graphics cooling platform called ‘OMNI A.L.C’. GPU’s are really hot and the cards change so fast, we thought it was about time there was a waterblock out there that you didn’t have to throw away when you got a new GPU. OMNI is all about making GPU cooling easy…it’s a huge step forward but only scratches the surface of what we have planned for 2010.

A view of the OMNI:

And the new ECO A.L.C:

Great stuff! We’re looking forward to these new CoolIT products. It’s been a pleasure taking a tour behind the scenes here at CoolIT Systems today and we appreciate the look at some new and exciting technology and products.

Be sure to check out the CoolIT Press Release for detailed information about the new CoolIT ECO A.L.C., Vantage A.L.C., Omni A.L.C., and Maestro E.S.P. products.

CoolIT Systems will be at CES 2010, be sure to visit them at Booth #35638,  LVCC.

Thanks to Barry and CoolIT Systems for taking the time to meet and chat with PureOverclock.



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