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Interview – CoolIT Systems

Posted January 8, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Behind the Scenes

Upon arriving at CoolIT in the far reaches of northern Calgary, Alberta, I was pleasantly greeted and then whisked into a board room to keep all of the secret advancements in the back end of CoolIT?s research and development area from my curious eyes. We had a brief discussion on what we would see on our tour and had to promise not to mention anything specific on what was being developed. So let?s just say that in 2010 everyone is in for some really great products that I?m sure will be another industry changing year for CoolIT and their competitors.

Due to the secret R&D that was going on we were limited to pictures that we were allowed to take in the labs but we did happen to get a preview of a few things that CoolIT has given us permission to put into print.

PureOC – How about those Calgary Flames? (gotta love hockey)

CoolIT – Scientifically proven to win the Stanley Cup once every 20 years…..the last win was in 1989, coincidence? I think not. Also of note, the ice surface in the Saddledome is  actually secretly created by a badass Freezone Elite.

PureOC – Heh, hockey joke. Gotta love Canadians. Tell us a little bit about CoolIT Systems.

CoolIT – CoolIT is a fantastic place to work. Everyone is very focused on our goal of making high performance watercooling safer, easier and less expensive than ever before. 

PureOC – How would you describe your products?

CoolIT – CoolIT products are based on 3 things: performance, ease of use, and reliability.

PureOC – What advantages or benefits do CoolIT products offer that set you apart from your competitors?

CoolIT – CoolIT is in the unique position of competing with both high end heatsinks and do-it-yourself water loops. In either case our competitive advantage is derived from the completeness of our solutions. A huge amount of effort is put into integrating powerful controls with advanced cooling hardware which has lead to the unique products and industry firsts we are known for.

Barry then suggested we start to walk around the lab and take a look at what the past had to offer compared to where we sit currently in regards to today’s cooling products. So we left the board room and head over to what they call the Wall of Shame, a display of products (both CoolIT and competitors) they use to remind themselves of their constant push to improve their products to new successes.

PureOC – Why did CoolIT choose such a specific area of the computer industry?

CoolIT – Every computer in the world puts out heat and if that heat isn’t addressed properly, it will fail. Components are only getting more powerful that means they are getting hotter. At the same time, OEM’s are trying to satisfy the need for more compute power is a smaller form factor and that makes the continued use of heatsinks less and less feasible. Liquid cooling for all is the next frontier and we are the leaders of that movement. 

PureOC – Now that we are seeing coolers like the Domino ALC and WS 240 does that mean CoolIT is moving away from thermoelectric cooling?

CoolIT – Our thermoelectric (TEC) cooling patents and IP are so strong that we will never move away from that space but those types of products don’t have the mass market appeal (and price point) of radiator-based coolers like the Domino ALC.  In the months and years to come, you can count on us continuing to advance both our  MTEC and ALC lines.

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