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Intel Core i5 655K

Posted June 28, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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In the battle of CPU heavyweights, we now have a bit of a rarity in the processor world: a non-Extreme Intel CPU that comes with an unlocked multipler and an affordable price tag. As much as some may claim that Hell hath frozen over, it’s still bloody hot here in our neck of the woods, so we’re not convinced. But we are convinced that Intel has indeed made a rare move, one that should leave enthusiasts tempted with visions of pushing high overclocks and performance jumps.

The Core i5 655K is a dual core, multithreaded CPU that is essentially just a regular chip but comes with a few significant exceptions. The first is that it has an unlocked multiplier, the Holy Grail of overclocking, allowing enthusiasts to push higher speeds. The second is a new core revision has also arrived on this chip, so more overclocking headroom should theoretically result. And lastly is the price tag, coming in about $210 USD, immensely cheaper than what we normally see on Intel chips with unlocked multipliers.

We know that Core i5 chips, and even the i3’s, overclock like champs to begin with, so we were very interested in seeing what could happen with the 655K’s unlocked multiplier. Starting off with air cooling, we hit some amazing numbers, but then we put the chip on liquid nitrogen to see what could really happen with the voltages juiced up.

So how fast can this chip go? Read on to find out.


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    I have this CPU. Nice details.

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