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In Win Matrix

Posted December 11, 2008 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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This little case has many nice features, and IN WIN did a great job thinking outside the box so to speak with the Matrix. They’ve designed a layout which creates a simple and smart installation concept while enabling a practical approach to building your mATX system. The exterior case design is very sleek and has a sense of elegance which we respect because it not as obnoxious as many of the cases made today.

The tower is also very durable for the most part with a nice steel frame and hard plastic casing. We like the Partition Plate Cooling Technology (PPCT) as it helps the small case divide its cold and hot air to create a nice balance for the case. Having a fan over-top of the hard drive is a nice add-on as well and should keep temps reasonable. With its small design and sturdy inside you should see very little noise coming from this case. We do have to remember this is a tiny case and shouldn’t be used for extreme enthusiast hardware. Since Micro ATX systems are meant for mobility and space saving, we can’t compare or look at this case on the same level as a full (or even mid) tower ATX case.

There are some drawbacks to the case but they’re quite minor. It would be nice to see an integrated fan for the side panel flap to increase the airflow to the CPU, or perhaps put a fan mount somewhere instead. We need to make sure things don’t get too hot from lack of air circulation due to how compact it is and how much stuff is packed into a small space. Also, the case is very contemporary but IN WIN could have added a few small details to give some of the parts some depth and make them not look so bleak with all that plastic. The flaps were run on a plastic hinge system which felt kind of weak and could easily be broken if you’re not careful. The power supply is a rather weak while other companies usually offer 500w PSU with their Micro ATX tower, so if you’re an enthusiast or gamer then you’ll need to replace the power supply with a beefy one. Mind you, we’re nitpicking here because this case is really very good.

If you’re in the market for a Micro ATX enclosure then we believe IN WIN has made a solid case with a well planned design to keep your hardware cool and your system tidy. Not only is it engineered well but its visual appeal is striking, and quite frankly, we love the white look. With a sticker tag of $105, the Matrix is not only sleek and functional, but also reasonably priced for what you get here.  We think IN WIN has produced a winner here in the Matrix.  Welcome to the real world Neo.



IN WIN Matrix

Our thanks go to IN WIN for providing the Matrix for this review.



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