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In Win Gundam

Posted April 13, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Like a devout guardian, the Gundam GD from In Win has proven that it is more than capable of protecting whatever PC components entrusted to its care.  With the case sitting beside me, the overall design, from the polished look of the front bezel to unique look of the side panel, makes this thing look like it’s about to take off to fight off evil where ever it rears its ugly head.  And the blue LED lighting on the front of the case adds yet another element to the robotic feel of the GD.

I will be the first to admit that this case has more than met my expectations.  Maybe it’s just me, but I am the type of person that loves to delve right in to anything I can get my hands on, without reading the instructions first.  That being said, the In Win AL-13 Series Gundam GD was an adventure to work with from the start.  Each new discovery led me to look and pry everywhere I could to find all of the innovation that In Win packed into this enclosure.  From the first time I figured out that the hard Drive cage swung out, revealing the 120mm ceramic intake fan, to learning that one of the 80mm fans swung out into place to provide a different way of cooling my graphics cards, this has been a journey that I hope repeat again soon.  And, being priced around $135 USD (while writing this), the GD isn’t a terribly expensive way to begin your next “Gundam” build.

In Win is known for pushing the design envelope and theming their cases, telling a story, or giving their consumers the opportunity to really view their case and setup as part of an overall experience, something that is rare in today’s market. In Win is to be commended for providing one of the most fun explorations of a mid-tower chassis that I’ve ever had.



IN WIN Gundam

Our thanks go to IN WIN for providing the Gundam for this review.



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