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IN WIN Dragon Rider

Posted February 22, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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IN WIN has taken some of the design features from their Slayer and Maelstrom cases, refined them, and then added additional features, creating the new Dragon Rider chassis. The newly-designed expansion card locks is one of the few tool-free designs that work as intended. The roomy interior is a welcome feature as well as the ability to run the biggest video cards available, at least for the time being. Cable management, what’s not to like? The extruded area behind the right side panel is the perfect hiding place for all those cables that you would have had to deal with inside the case resulting in poor air-flow and just plain old ugliness distracting from your install.

The USB 3.0 availability at the front control panel is a feature to take advantage with the latest motherboards that are now USB 3.0 capable. Unfortunately you do have to route the necessary cables out the back of the case to connect them to the motherboard’s rear panel. This is the first chassis that I have reviewed where the manufacturer provides extension cables to help while routing the motherboard power cable behind the tray. InWin has taken the time to anticipate install problem areas and I think they have done a great job with the included accessories and did not try to save a penny while making a dollar.

As for the looks of the Dragon Rider, it does look rugged and reminiscent of a suit of armor but that is the theme InWin is addressing. This theme may not work for some and the acceptance of the appearance of a case can be so subjective that no one look can satisfy every end-user. The bold aesthetics of the Dragon Rider can grow on you, as I have come to like the appearance of the Dragon Rider even more as I have installed all of my components. The finished product looks very nice and am quite pleased at the all-around capabilities of this case.

IN WIN Dragon Rider



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