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Posted January 17, 2010 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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Sharp designs, nail-biting inducing performance, guaranteed to get you all the girls. Ferrari, you ask?  In another life perhaps. Guess again……yep, I’m talking about the external hard drive enclosure. Errr, wait. No. In general, external hard drive enclosures are nearly all the same, black or white, constructed of plastic or aluminum, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’d be nice to see someone spice things up a bit. Occasionally, someone does shoot ahead in the pack, occasionally someone does create a new, fresh external enclosure crammed with durability, functionality, innovation and unique style.

In Win is not as experienced as some other companies, with only two enclosures available at the time of this review. But just because one is not as experienced in making a particular product does not necessarily mean that products will be found to be lacking, as we’ll soon see. The In Win AMMO has some very unique features, particularly its use of RFID technology and encryption. Looking for something out of the ordinary, durable, and sleek for your drive enclosure? The AMMO might be just the thing for you.

Thanks to our friends at In Win for supplying the review sample.

IN-WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, power supplies and digital storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986, IN-WIN provides high quality chassis that conform to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service.

IN WIN was well trained to become a top-notch manufacturer of core technology to enhance internal core competence to meet what customer and market needs constantly. Top Management has been executed four major elements to reach our growing goal: Innovation, Service, Speed, Value, Safety, Warmth, Faithful, and Diligence in order to remain our leading edge position and differentiate with other players.



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