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In Win 901 Aluminum Mini-ITX Case Review

Posted April 17, 2014 by Kenny in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $169.99 on Newegg.com


Aesthetically Pleasing, Aluminum Finish, plenty of space for larger graphics card


Some lack of space for Cable mangement, No fans included, PSU position
InWin 901 mini-ITX Chassis fits the bill with an aesthetically pleasing design, and has the ability to fit larger graphics cards. It can also include 120mm AIO Cooling units providing an excellent touch for SFF high powered PCs.
by Kenny
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Final Thoughts

In Win did a good job on this mini-ITX form factor chassis. While there isn’t much space to work with, there are plenty of options to be able to install some powerful hardware. Aesthetically speaking, we enjoyed the all aluminum brushed finish exterior. Also the interior of the case cleans up nicely with an all black steel finish. The solid aluminum front panel was a nice touch, although it does cause some airflow restriction. There is one 120mm fan option for installation at the lower front, but it seems to be a bit restrictive since it has to pass through a small opening before entering the case. The tempered glass side panels were a nice touch and gave the chassis a clean, sleek and elegant look.

When it came to the interior, we found that the chambered style designed was a bit cramped, but it does a great job showing off its aesthetics. The ability to install an AIO unit at the rear will help those looking to install high power CPUs and motherboards. We still have some concerns on a clean installation and fitment due to its layout. Despite this, the amount of hard drives that can be mounted is pretty impressive considering its size. While we don’t expect users to fill this chassis with drives, it’s great to have those options and with the pre-assembled hard drive ports it makes cable management easy.

The ability to install full size graphics cards is also a nice feature, while we installed a shorty GTX 650, we had plenty of space for even a GTX 680 or GTX 770. Keep in mind that the graphics card sits pretty low which can pose some airflow issues. At the lower section, the ability to install a slim DVD drive was a nice feature, but this also restricted the installation of the PSU so that the fan faces up. This can cause some issues with some PSUs if the cables are short. To note one minor problem (and we are nit-picking here) – while the aluminum finish was a nice touch, fingerprints were very attracted to the surface. This is also the same with the tempered glass, but its no surprise that glass has always been hard to keep fingerprint free.



The reduced airflow and lack of space at the rear of the motherboard could be a bit of a challenge, as was the problematic cable management can be a bit of a challenge. Overall, despite some of the minor quibbles we mentioned, the case was well built and offers an aesthetically pleasing design. We were able to find the In Win 901 mini-ITX Aluminum Chassis for $169.99 which we thought was a bit on the high side. Taking everything into consideration we are happy to honor the In Win 901 chassis the PureOverclock Good Hardware Award.





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