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ID-Cooling Dual Air Cooling Review SE-204K and SE-214-X

Posted April 3, 2015 by Guest Writer in Cooling


Release Date: Now
Price at time of Review: ID Cooling 214X $30.00, ID Cooliong 204K $45.00


Great Heatsink Design, Above Avg. Performance, Easy Installation Cost
The 214X retails at a stunning $30 and the 204K prices at $45. How can you go wrong here? ID-Cooling can go head to head with the infamous Hyper 212+. The overclocker looking to max out their system would certainly to water cooling but the mainstream user looking to get a bit more out of their PC on air should really consider either of ID-Cooling’s new offerings.
by Guest Writer
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Guest Written by James Baranski

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Industries and technology never stand still. We have seen many manufacturers in the PC business over the years as the home PC market is as competitive as ever.

Cooling may not be the priority when building a home computer but it remains a very important part. Some crave liquid cooling for ultra low temps and others my just need a good low cost solution. Today, we have two new air coolers from ID-Cooling called the SE-204K and SE-214X that are aimed at the later. ID-Cooling, although a relatively new company, has been manufacturing cooling solutions for the ODM market for some time (10 years). They hit the mainstream consumer market in 2013 with a vast array of products.

1 and 3About ID-Cooling

ID-Cooling is a European company founded by Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology co., Ltd. They manufacture cooling, fans and a few mini chassis but what makes them unique is their brand marketing. ID- Cooling designates each series of product with a two letter brand such as the SE-204K and SE-214X. The prefix letters to each series and product denotes a European country. In this case, the SE stands for Sweden and they make a FI series (standing for Finland) and so on; Pretty catchy and creative in our opinion. The company is based out of Shenzhen China.
Company name aside, product is what moves us so let’s break out these two new air coolers and see if we can unleash some heat on them.



Let’s take a look at the product specs.



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