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I&H StealthRes 225 Reservoir

Posted October 25, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Liquid cooling is one of the most efficient cooling methods for today’s personal computers. For several years, generally only enthusiasts used liquid as a cooling method for their PC because of the higher cost and specialized knowledge required to set up such a system. But liquid cooling has made great inroads into the mainstream market over the last few years, and its much more common to set liquid being used to cool the internals of today’s behemoth heat-producing components.

There are several components to a liquid cooling setup, and while water blocks may garner much of the attention, an oft-overlooked piece of the puzzle is the reservoir. A reservoir is a container used to store the coolant for a liquid cooling system. The reservoir is technically not absolutely necessary in a water cooling setup, however, it’s a good idea to incorporate one, especially if you’re a novice. The reservoir allows air bubbles to escape more easily and can also increase the total water volume in the cooling system, thereby improving cooling performance. Also, the reservoir makes it easier to fill the coolant and prime the pump to make the maintenance of the system more hassle-free. The best reservoirs are typically made from acrylic or molded plastic, and come in various shapes and sizes.

Today we’re looking at a reservoir from a company that’s a bit smaller in the market, but hopefully able to make a big splash with enthusiasts. We’re looking at the SteathRes 225 Multi-Option reservoir from I&H Accessories.

I&H Accessories was founded in 2005 by hobbyist Ian Hall. The company started, as many do, almost by accident. When Ian first invented a unified heatsink for his GPU, he garnered a following in the overclocker’s community and received requests to purchase his invention. After moving things into production, and finding one thing led to another, Ian eventually ended up forming the company. It’s been expanding since then, and here we are today.

The StealthRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir is one such product from I&H, and we’ve finally finished running it through the ringer and back, and now we’ve got the impressions and result to share with you today.

Thanks to I&H Accessories for supplying the review sample.

“My mission is not to produce products that are already available, but to improve upon them, to innovate, and to give people products they never even realized they wanted. I am passionate about this hobby; in fact, I am passionate about everything I do. I take great pride in producing products that demonstrate the utmost value, quality, ease of use, and aesthetics. It give me joy to make thing that give others joy.”



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