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HY810 and HY880 Compound Review

Posted August 5, 2014 by Joe Kershner in Cooling


Release Date: Not available
Price at time of Review: Not available


Great performance with a high TDP CPU, low temperature, easy to apply


Compounds not available for sale at this time.
The HY810 and 880 compounds offers extreme low temps with high TDP CPU's.
by Joe Kershner
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Today, we have the rare opportunity to review a product that hasn’t been revealed in any way, or form of media exposure. Because of our great business relationship with Tuniq, we have been asked to test a couple prospective compounds they are considering. With our extensive testing methods and known heat output of the FX-9370 220w TDP processor, we have been asked to test the HY810 and HY880 compounds strictly against the Tuniq TX-4 to determine if it’s worth an investment for the company. This is a rare opportunity for PureOC! DSCN2139 Before we get started, let’s find out more about Tuniq… logo

Tuniq was formed as a division of Sunbeamtech and took on a whole new direction in product designs. We at Tuniq aim to provide authentic performance through a minimalist approach by stripping down the unnecessary components in product designs. Our research and development team consists of members who have over a decade of experience as well as young designers who are able to think outside of the box. It is this unique merge of experience and fresh ideas that enables us to bring to our customers such exquisite, elegant, top-quality products. We feel that product design should be Zen-like: simple, functional, harmonious and without fails. Each product from Tuniq aims to combine the virtues of high performance, elegant design, and extraordinary value. When handling a Tuniq product, you will appreciate its impeccable finish and will be pleasantly amazed by its quality and performance.  With the multitude of awards and acclaims that each of our products has received, we have proven that our vision and approach is the right one and we will continue to provide our valued customers with new and better products.



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