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HIS Radeon 7750

Posted February 15, 2012 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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The Radeon 7750 is an intriguing graphics card. It costs a good $20 more than select HTPC cards which aren’t good for gaming, but about almost $20 less than the nearest competition from Nvidia. Neither a powerhouse gaming card, nor a diminutive HTPC card, the Radeon 7750 occupies a bit of a unique spot in the marketplace. We’re willing to bet that AMD did this on purpose, positioning this card where it essentially has no real true competition in its price bracket $100.

HIS’s card is even more interesting, with a custom heatsink that does an excellent job at keeping low temperatures and noise levels. The heatsink does occupy a large area of the card, but it’s not garish and doesn’t take any additional space in a small case setup. For a budget card, you really can’t ask for much more from this perspective. As we’ve seen lately from HIS, their custom heatsinks perform admirably across the spectrum, from budget to premium Radeon cards.

In terms of performance, the 7750 goes up against the GTX 550 Ti, but falls just short in a few game titles. It does, however, make a distinct jump against the previous-gen 6000 series AMD budget cards, particularly in games that feature more tessellation. So in that sense, it is a healthy improvement upon its predecessors, offering better framerates while improving temperatures, and stil maintaining low power consumption. But the 7750 is not a powerhouse gaming card by any stretch; it’s more suited to consumers on a tight budget, who may still want to do some light gaming at lower or medium resolutions.

If you absolutely need to stick to the budget, then the HIS 7750 is a nice card to get. It’s a good upgrade on the cheap, power frugal, and the HIS iCooler heatsink runs cool and quiet. That’s an impressive combination for a budget card. However, it’s not much cheaper than the new Radeon 7770, so if you can scrape together a bit more cash then that’s definitely a more enticing purchase.

Of course, it’s a slippery slope as you move up the price range, so for consumers on a tight budget that want something for light gaming then the HIS 7750 is a good value choice.

HIS Radeon 7750



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