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HIS Radeon 6770 IceQ X Turbo

Posted July 21, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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We were a bit surprised to hear about the launch of this card, as the Radeon 6770 isn’t exactly a new model. In fact, it’s not really a new card at all, seeing as it’s essentially a rebadged 5770, and AMD’s product map confirms this. So the HIS 6770 IceQ Turbo is a new card, but not really a new card in the truest sense.

In terms of performance, some game titles prefer AMD cards overall and the 6770 IceQ Turbo moves ahead, some titles prefer Nvidia and the 550 Ti gets the nod. Viewed on the whole, the 6770 IceQ certainly cannot match the Radeon 6790, and does struggle in a few games with the image quality at maximum settings. However, we’ve seen the 6770 IceQ run cooler and more power frugal than the 550 Ti as well, so those are a couple distinct advantages in AMD’s favour. On the flipside though, Nvidia has AMD beat when it comes to CUDA, PhysX, and Folding @ Home.

So are there any downsides here? Well, the real issue is the price vs performance results, and what’s available at the different price levels. Set to retail for about $125 (after $10 MIR), the 6770 IceQ Turbo is a good deal. But for only $15 more, you can move up to a Radeon 6790 that will soundly beat this model. We have a hard time figuring that for the extra price of a large pizza and a drink, someone can’t afford to jump up to the stronger card. The HIS 6770 IceQ Turbo is certainly a good card, but their 6790 model is much better, offering more bang for your buck at a very modest price increase.

HIS Radeon 6770 IceQ X Turbo



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