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HIS 7750 IceQ X Turbo

Posted November 16, 2012 by Jake in Video Cards







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Price at time of Review: $120


Sleek styling, short length, outstanding temperatures, low noise, good performance


Not too much cheaper than 7770, can't definitively beat GTX 650
Great styling, temperatures, and value gaming for those on a modest budget.
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by Jake
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We’ve looked at the gamut of graphics cards in AMD’s current lineup, including several 7900 models, cards which garner much of the exposure, in no small part due to the extreme nature of those products. Those cards have proven to be powerhouses, posting impressive results, but it’s no secret what one considers a reasonably-priced purchase might be extravagant and expensive to another. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer and enthusiast, and there is a considerable number of consumers out there that need something far more affordable that can still satisfy a gaming fix.

To that end, the Radeon 7750 is at the opposite of the budgetary spectrum, a card that’s far more affordable for consumers on a tight budget. We’ve also seen several cards from HIS, and have noted their ability to provide good products at affordable prices. The 7750 IceQ X Turbo is the latest value-oriented card in the HIS lineup, and it sports some great styling and an aggressive factory oveclock out of the box.

Retailing for about $120, this card is rather affordable, and while we don’t expect it to be a gaming powerhouse, it could prove very enticing to gamers on a modest budget. Let’s take a closer look at the HIS 7750 IceQ X Turbo and see how it fares.




    AH, Jake…Get with the program! This is PureOC and you didn’t do what this card it intend to be and OC’r. 900Mhz, please juice it and then re-test! This wass PureBS!


      LOL, thanks for the reminder of our site’s namesake. Unfortunately, there are deadline realities and there isn’t always enough time to push a card to its limit. Besides, this is a budget card, after all. Pushing it to the limit (shall I break out the LN2 on a $120 card??) will result in maybe a 15-20% increase at best, and that’s at medium resolution until the card chokes on the limited buffer. That translates to a few FPS higher in actual numbers; negligible really. While the allure of overclocking might be appealing for a review, the reality is this card (and all other budget cards) aren’t worth it. The risks aren’t worth the returns. 🙂


        That’s OC’n always risk/return. While I’d say it’s reason AMD gave it the 6-pin and HIS is adding a H-P nice cooler. When it hits like $75-80 that 15% OC would root-out that GTX650 for like 30% less cash. That exactly what this card is for… if not it not worth any consideration just being stuck between a 7750 and 7770.

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