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High Power Plus Gold 1200W

Posted April 13, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The power requirements of enthusiast and gaming PCs have increased dramatically over the last few years, due to the development of ever more powerful and sophisticated CPUs and graphics processors. During this time, the computer power supply unit has risen in stature from being an anonymous, unimportant component choice to become one of the most fundamentally important components in any modern PC.

While manufacturers are working on power efficiency for their products, the general trend has been higher energy consumption. Systems now feature more graphics cards, possibly due to their excellent output for Folding at Home, and we also see Quad card setups in rare instances. The need to power these systems in a stable environment is greater than ever, and the power supplies required to feed these setups are a select group of products.

We’re looking at the High Power Plus Gold 1200W power supply, a modular unit that brings strong power to demanding systems. Let’s take a closer look.

For more than 20 years, High Power Electronic Co., Ltd has earned a sterling reputation for delivering high quality power supplies to boost the system on. Today, we stand forward as the most reliable and flexible PC Power Supply manufacturer in the world. Over the years, High Power has developed a broad range of solutions to meet the needs various customer type including element PC users to high-end system builders through its line of OEM and retail products.



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