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High Power D12 Bronze 1000W and Performance Pro 750W

Posted July 25, 2011 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Both of these High Power units share many similarities, though there are differences to account for the power requirements of each. Both units have solid features and deliver good performance, and come in a sleek package that’s highlighted by the quiet white dimpled fan design.

From a functional standpoint, the units are 80PLUS Bronze certified, which is to be considered near the lower range of power efficiency these days, as many other offerings do come in Silver and Gold certification. But both units did well, running quiet at idle and load for the most part, the cable lengths are sufficiently long which is notable for those who have full tower cases and are very particular about their cable management.

The lack of modular design on the 750W might pose an issue for some users that don’t want to deal with a mess of cables. The lack of sleeving on the unit is a disappointment though, as we’d have expected that to be standard on a unit of this wattage. However, on the upside, High Power has informed us that sleeving may very well be included on the next revision so that would be great news. The D12 Bronze 1000W, however, is unsurprisingly a better product, with a closer attention to detail, a modular design, fully sleeved cables, and a quieter fan. The internals aren’t very cramped so airflow and temperatures were good, and the single +12V rail performed well. The voltage regulation and ripple results were acceptable, though a bit higher than we would prefer.

High Power hasn’t really penetrated the North American market with many e-tailers stocking these units yet. High Power indicated to us they are currently work with distributors to make their products more widely available, but right now they are difficult to source. However, we’ve been told the Performance Pro 750W is set to retail for $95, while the D12 Bronze 1000W is $160. These are the least expensive units we found that are 80PLUS Bronze certified in those power ranges. And with a 3 year warranty, that’s a respectable sales feature as well.

Both of these units don’t excel in any particular category but they do come with fantastic pricing, which could be very tempting for those looking to find good units at very competitive prices. These High Power units can’t run with the big dogs, but they’re great value for what you get.

High Power Performance Pro 750W

High Power D12 Bronze 1000W



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