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High Power Astro 700W Platinum

Posted October 8, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $180


80Plus Platinum certified, Sleek styling, Flat modular cables, Innovative LED display, Quiet fan, Great performance


Short modular cables, Limited availability
Short cables the only blemish against top efficiency, Innovative features and great performance.
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by Jake
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The box for the Astro 700W is black and platinum-coloured (remember, it’s an 80Plus Platinum unit, not 80Plus Silver, so don’t think it’s silver-coloured on the box). Included are all the major features and specifications printed on the front, sides, and back.

The accessories included are very minimal, only the absolute necessities: mounting screws, power cable, and a bag for the modular cables.

The Astro 700W is finished in a matte black colour that’s resistant to scratching under normal handling so if you are not using a shovel and hammer to install this unit then you’ll be fine. The most interesting visual feature of this High Power unit is its white, golf-dimpled fan. We rarely see white fans; black, clear, and LED fans, but not usually white. If you have a bottom-mounted location in your case, however, it won’t be seen, as it will likely be installed upside down.

The rear of the unit includes the standard power connector and on/off rocker switch. But there’s something also very unique here: a real-time power “Eagle Eye” power indicator that displays the consumption being drawn on the unit. While this may not be quite as accurate as some very specialized and sensitive equipment, we absolutely love the idea of seeing the power draw for your system. Very cool and very innovative, but you may have an issue with certain cases if the rear mounting plate blocks the LED indicator. It shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, but something to keep in mind. Of course, you have to be looking behind the case to actually see the indicator, and after seeing it a couple times your system won’t drawing more power unless you upgrade your hardware quite a bit, so the actual practicality of this feature is a bit suspect.

The Astro 700W is not a fully modular unit, as the essential cables are hard wired directly into the unit. They’re also traditionally sleeved, with a bit of a gap at the connector itself. However, the modular cables are entirely different; flat and plasticized, we love this design as it’s typically easier to tuck these out of sight inside a case. The only issue here, however, is the module cables are a bit too short in our opinion for anything but a smaller mid-tower, should you want to have a clean and stealthy cabling layout inside your case. Lengthening the cables by a few inches would allow for routing behind the motherboard tray and more creative placement inside a full tower case.

At the front of the unit we see the hard wired cables to the left, while the modular port connectors are well labelled for novice system builders.

Let’s open up the unit and see what’s inside.

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    thanks but it would be perfect if you size the lenght of the cables.


      We often do, but looks like it may have slipped through the cracks on this review. We’ll try to keep that in mind in the future though, thanks for the feedback!

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