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High Power Astro 700W Platinum

Posted October 8, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $180


80Plus Platinum certified, Sleek styling, Flat modular cables, Innovative LED display, Quiet fan, Great performance


Short modular cables, Limited availability
Short cables the only blemish against top efficiency, Innovative features and great performance.
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by Jake
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Features and Specifications

From High Power: “Astro PT series is 80Plus Platinum certified and features the patented D- VRM technology which is the technology of digital control for a precise voltage regulation. D-VRM is greatly beyond the limits of analog designs. Another patented feature is Eagle-eye, the real time LED power meter which is the tri color LED indicator to show the real time power consumption. Simply gets the power supply status at a glance by Eagle- eye. Furthermore, its H-shaped fan guard provides the good ventilation and serves a production appearance as a literature. Astro Series is designed for PC builders who want the most reliable and efficient power supply that offers visually stunning to show their insistence on perfection.

Below are the features:

80 Plus Platinum CertifiedWith 90-92.8% extreme high efficiency at 20-100% of load to reduce the loss of electricity and save your money on facility bill.
Patented D- VRM technology,Digital Control for a Precise Voltage Regulation
Patent digital + VRM(D-VRM) is an innovative and industryleading technology. D-VRM is made to minimize voltage fluctuation down to 0.5% (over industry standard 3-5%). The technology of digital control for a precise voltage regulation is greatly beyond the limits of analog designs. D-VRM design features the intelligently adjusting voltage with minimal power loss through the module of voltage monitoring and digitally adjusting voltage. D-VRM design empowers users with superior flexibility and perfect precision to ensure the extreme system stability and better power efficiency.
Eagle Eye – The patented Real Time Power MeterTri color LED indicator shows the real time power consumption. Simply get the power supply status at a glance.
Silent DesignEmbedded 13.5cm dual ball bearing Golf-Surfaced fan. The patented golf-surfaced fan increases airflow and reduce overall noise level.
Advanced DC to DC ConverterUnparalleled DC to DC converters for 3.3V & 5V outputs to reach high efficiency
Intelligent Fan ControlEquipped with” Intelligent Fan Control” design, which offers three Types of operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The Astro adjusts fan operation mode automatically according to the system loading as well as the ambient temperature level. When Astro is operating under 25% (+/- 5%) of the max output, the fanless mode is activated for the absolute silent experience.
Off- Delay Fan (Fan Stays On After System Off)It allows PSU fan to continue running after system shut down for few seconds approximately, it helps to exhaust residual air at the end of the heating/ cooling cycle for extending component life.
Single +12V Output RailOffers maximum compatibility for the +12V demand
100% Japanese-made CapacitorsLonger lifespan than electrolytic capacitors.
Reliable Japanese-made Solid-state CapacitorsEnhance your system durability and stability even under extreme conditions.
Easily Detachable and Flexible Flat Modular CablesUse only the cables you need. Reduce clutter from unused connectors and enhance the air flow inside your system.
Patented Easy Swap ConnectorQuick and Easy installation

Looking at the specifications we see that the High Power Plus Astro 700W has a single +12V rail for 696W and 58A of power available.

The included cable connectors for the Astro 700W are as follows:

  • 20+4 Pin: 1
  • 4+4 Pin: 1
  • 8 Pin: 1
  • 6+2 Pin: 4
  • Molex: 4
  • SATA: 10
  • Floppy: 1
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    thanks but it would be perfect if you size the lenght of the cables.


      We often do, but looks like it may have slipped through the cracks on this review. We’ll try to keep that in mind in the future though, thanks for the feedback!

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