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HEC 98 Series

Posted September 5, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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When building a new computer, one of the things that isn’t necessarily left to numbers, price, and performance is the selection of a case. Being chiefly an aesthetic choice, once the matters of airflow, form factor and space are considered, no one can say that a blue case runs cooler than a black one, or that a window on the case makes it a good one; it is left up to taste, and the demand for visually appealing cases can explain the massive increase in visual styles that have occurred rather recently in case design. I am sure that we all can remember the days of the plain, boring, beige tower with a single 80mm fan slot, the case that we saw over and over again, no matter where we looked, no matter the system builder. Fortunately, things have changed since then, and they have changed much for the better: for our airflow starved systems and our eyes and desire to make the best looking computer possible.

HEC has been building computer chassis since 1991, and they’ve got plenty of experience in the field,  experience they’ve applied in the design of the HEC 98 Series full tower, a massive yet beautifully crafted case. Today we’ve got the HEC 98 Series full tower to review, and we will see whether it can keep up with the demands of today’s system builder, and if its functionality can match its aesthetic appeal.

Let’s find out if that is possible here with the HEC 98 Series Full Tower.

Thanks go to our friends at HEC for supplying the review sample.

Founded in 1979, HEC Group is today a leading global manufacturer and designer of PC Case, Power Supplies, Rackmount Chassis & Adapters, serving customers around the world. Innovative products, combined with dedication to customers and the consistent delivery of high-quality products, are the foundation for HEC’s growth and leadership in today’s highly competitive computer industry. Today the “HEC” brand is recognized as a world-class brand among OEM customers, system integrators, industrial users and retail customers.



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