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Guide to Best Mid-Range Gaming PC for Overclocking

Posted August 15, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU
by Josh Jackson
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Time to tally up our component costs for this build. If you just want a tower, then you’re looking at about $840 which is a pretty good mid range price. If you want an entire gaming system, then you’re looking at $1,140. Add an extra $20 dollars to either if you need the DVD drive. Considering that there’s an extra 10-20% of extra performance you can get through overclocking, that’s what really makes this a good deal for a mid-range system. The biggest thing is finding the components that make overclocking fun. With a good motherboard and good cooling, you’ll find it much easier to take the plunge than if you tried to use stock coolers or cheap boards.

970 Pro Mid Range Guide

How do you like our guide? We hope you find this list helpful if you’re looking into building a system with plans of dabbling in overclocking. Even if you only plan to upgrade some parts, then you might find what you’re looking for here. If you have some thoughts or questions, hop on to the forums and give us feedback. We have a great community of people who’ve been doing this for years and love to help out. We’ve covered the mid range but we plan to bring guides for the budget and high-end systems. As new releases come, we hope to update our lists with new components as old ones get phased out. Once again, we hope this helps you out and keep checking out PureOC for more news and reviews!



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