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GTX 480 Water Block Roundup

Posted October 4, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Performance Results

Maximum Flow Test

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GTX 480 Water Block Roundup – Absolute Flow

In this test, the VID-NX480 block shows the most restricted flow out of three blocks.  It’s only pumping about 1.5gpm (6Lpm) compared to 2 – 2.5gmp (9 -10Lpm).  However it’s still acceptable flow though.

Let’s see how low flow block stacks up against high flow blocks in the thermal performance tests.

Thermal Performance Test

The first series of tests we tested the blocks with stock clock speed to see how water cooling performance compares to air cooler. 

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GTX 480 Water Block Roundup – Overclocked

As you see above, the full coverage blocks and the GPU-only block (MCW-60) are neck-to-neck in the performance to keep the GPU chilling at mid forties degree.  However, the Koolance and EK blocks trail behind the Danger Den GTX480 and XSPC Razor GTX480 on the VRM temperature.  As we expected, when we used the stock heatsink with the MCW-60 it resulted in high VRM temperatures.

Now let see what we can do with the GTX480 in terms of overclocking when we crank things up.  We were able to get the GTX480 stable at 852MHz / 1000MHz with stock cooler, however the GPU temperature spiked to 95°C and the VRM temperature reached 79°C only 10 minutes into testing.  This is the reason why liquid cooling the GTX480 is such a good option for this heat monster.  When water cooled, we were able to overclock the card to 902MHz / 1001MHz fully stable.

Let’s find out how these water blocks perform under heavy overclocking.

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GTX 480 Water Block Roundup – Overclocked

The GPU temperature results were very close, separated by only 3°C across all blocks.  However, the VRM temperatures varied far more, with a 11°C difference amongst the full coverage blocks, which is rather surprising. Here we see the XSPC Razor clearly coming out on top.

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