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G.Skill TridentX 8GB DDR3-2400

Posted July 3, 2012 by James Baranski (Drdeath) in RAM







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by James Baranski (Drdeath)
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Usually new products in the memory market are not terribly groundbreaking, at least not in distinguishing one from another’s competitor. We typically see similar performance, similar designs, and similar pricing for the most part. Most memory modules of equal frequencies perform within a few percent of each other, with very few sitting apart from the rest. We have seen a gradual jump in frequencies in the past few years from Westmere, Sandy Bridge and now Ivy Bridge. Westmere’s native speed was 1333MHz with overclocking potential around 2000MHz. Sandy Bridge brought a different game to the table but Ivy Bridge brings bandwidth to a new level as we see today. Intel’s next generation codenamed Haswell promises to bring a higher chipset bus to the table so we cannot wait for the release in 2013.

G.Skill has always been known by enthusiasts to manufacturer not only great memory modules but tops in performance and there is no mistake with their latest edition, the TridentX series. Breaking the trend, we see the TridentX modules have really distinguished themselves, not only in design but also performance. The aesthetics are unique and sexy, using a bright crimson red that will look great in any black themed motherboard. Couple the look with a new modular design that allows the razor top to be removed for the larger air coolers, and the TridentX sticks will not cause any installation nuisance, allowing all your DIMM slots to be populated.

The TridentX 2400MHz modules overclocked to 2572MHz which may not seem like much, but the higher you go at stock speeds, the less headroom there is to begin with. However, not only are the frequencies high, but the modules hold very tight timings from 2400MHz down to 1600MHz. The stock voltage on the TridentX is 1.65 volts and we only needed a jump to 1.75 volts for our overclocking. The performance was excellent across the board as well, with very low latencies. Simply put, the TridentX modules rock.

The G.Skill TridentX 2400MHz 8GB kit retails for $99, which is actually a very good price if you need top performance. And the 16GB kit is only $225 if you want the extra capacity. They don’t cost much more than most other modules, but they hit a home run in styling, performance, overclocking, and overall value. Big winner right here.

G.Skill TridentX 8GB DDR3-2400MHz



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