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G.Skill F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC (2x512MB)

Posted August 3, 2005 by admin in RAM







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G.Skill has brought to market a very competent answer to the demise of TCCD. The overclocking performance of the F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC is nothing short of excellent and a real mainstream answer to high performance memory such as UTT. What makes this memory stick out is the massive array of configurations available. I was pleasantly surprised to find the 1GBFC able to handle DDR400 at 2-2-2-6 with 2.6V and even more impressed to reach a very stable DDR600 at 2.5-4-3-6 with 2.7V!

There is no denying though, if you are buying this memory you should push it far beyond DDR400 as it only starts to show its worth at around DDR500+. Also, those of you hoping to put 3.0v through it like old TCCD will probably be disappointed. My sample did not like any more than 2.8V but it did reach DDR600 so to me it?s a plus point that I was able to hit such a high speed with low volts. I also hope that G.Skill does not start to hide all future modules under heat spreaders and if this is to be G.Skill?s path, to at least pick a cool colour next time!

The G.Skill 1GBFC is an excellent low cost memory with high-end performance. There is no denying that UTT will yield you better performance but not everyone has a DFI nForce4 board, or would even want to run their memory at 3.5V+ to get the extra performance. What you get with this memory is 24/7, stable and cool operation at blisteringly high speeds ? something UTT can not offer without risk.

The G.Skill F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC will clearly silence those worried of what TCC5 will bring in the near future and I have no hesitation in awarding a Gold Award for what is a typically high quality product from G.Skill.



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