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GPU Universal Water Block Roundup

Posted March 18, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Installation Comparison

In term of installation, motherboard removal is required to insert the mounting mechanism for each of the four blocks.
However, each of the blocks have different mounting methods that translate into ease of installation (or not).

EK-VGA Supreme HF

Let’s start off with the EK-VGA Supreme HF. We have no issue with the installation here; simply insert the spring-loaded thumb screw and secure the rear thumb nuts and you are done. We also didn’t note any conflicts with adjacent memory heatsinks either, as the fittings stay clear of the heatsinks due to the block’s high profile and tilted ports.

Koolance GPU-210 and GPU-220

Installing the Koolance GPU-210 and GPU-220 requires standoff screws done first before mounting the block and securing with thumbscrews. Both GPU-210 and GPU-220 have alternative ports to allow you to plumb the tubing orientation to suit your particular setup, but having tubing perpendicular to the PCB is not very friendly for a multiple card setup; you must use a 90° adapter to avoid any potential obstacles. So that could pose a problem in some setups. The maximum size for non-Koolance branded compression fittings that can be used are 3/8”ID and 1/2”OD size.

Here is the GPU-210 with the two different orientations:

And the GPU-220:

Swiftech MCW80

The Swiftech MCW80 is a bit easier to install, since it has a built-in standoff mounting bracket. Simply drop it into the mounting holes and secure it with four screws and backplate wtih a screwdriver. There is plenty of clearance from the memory heatsinks to the fittings, so there are no problems in using oversized tubing such as 3/4" size. Unfortunately, the maximum size compression fittings can be used are 3/8”ID & 1/2"OD.


The XSPC Rasa GPU block has a similar mounting mechanism to the EK-VGA Supreme HF with spring-loaded thumb screws and nuts, but the screw head knurls are much larger on the Rasa. The Rasa GPU has much lower profile than the EK-VGA Supreme HF, so it won’t provide as much working space if you choose to use large diameter tubing. Maximum size compression fittings that can be used are 3/8”ID and 1/2"OD.

Let’s move onto testing methodology.

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