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GMC Bulldozer R-4

Posted April 16, 2010 by jeremy in Cases & PSU







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by jeremy
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In conclusion with the case, the HDD bracket is a very simple design and is just attached on to the side of the interior. Unfortunately, this puts the maximum number of hard drives at 2 which isn’t ideal as many users who use multiple disks in RAID beyond the basic setups.  Similarly, the number of ODDs is also restricted, though this time to one with no room for any other devices. A rear black 120mm fan is mounted with the option to replace it with dual 80mm fans, though these are normally louder than their larger variant.  GMC lifted the case for additional vent holes on the bottom panel, but I feel they cheaped out on the feet by giving plastic when they should have used rubber. 

There are some issues here: the front panel popped off, which is not hard to do when you are trying to get into the ODD, but the “spring” action of the bay door is not tuned very well.  When it popped off, one would assume pressure in the “robotic” arms would control the door, but they are controlled by a thin piece of metal, which is coiled to act as a spring.  It was a pain to get it back on as a result.

The other issue is that this case is small; there isn’t much room to work with on the interior. For taking along to LAN parties, this is fine, but be forewarned that a system install will be a bit tricky, depending on the components you choose. You cannot fit any graphics cards over 10.5" in length, so the Radeon 5800 series, for example, is out of the question.

The GMC Bulldozer can be found for approximately $100 USD, so the price isn’t too bad for a very unique case that’s sure to be an object of conversation. But it is also in a very tough price segment, as there are many very capable mid-towers that offer more space, better cable management, and convenient features. Truth be told, you wouldn’t buy the Bulldozer solely because of its functionality though, you’d buy it because you want something original that sets you apart. And in that sense, we can see why someone would go for the Bulldozer, though keep in mind it does have some faults that bear consideration as well.

GMC Bulldozer R-4



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