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Gigabyte X79 G1.Assassin 2

Posted December 29, 2011 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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In terms of aesthetics and visuals, we think the G1.Assassin 2 looks great with its black PCB and contrasting greens and grays all decked out in the Military Theme. Some may love this sort of branding gimmick, some may not, but it doesn’t adversely affect performance, so it’ll come down to personal preference. Aside from that, the board layout is very good, there’s ample space to work with, though it is a bit snug around the CPY socket if you go with a large air cooler, in which case you should seriously consider memory modules that have low profile heatspreaders.

One of the most noteworthy features of the G1.Assassin 2 board is the all new Digital Power Control for both CPU and DRAM. Gigabytes X79 motherboards include their new DIGI+Power Control with three digital voltage controllers. The DRAM controllers offer uprecise memory tuning along with CPU voltage control, which of course means better efficiency, stability and performance.

We love the brand new 3D UEFI BIOS that Gigabyte is presenting on their new X79 Chipset motherboards. This is one of the most user-friendly BIOS you will find on any board from any manufacturer. The interface is very simple and clean, yet very intuitive. You have the option of the “3D Mode” where you will find the most vital options for everyday use and with the click of your mouse you can switch to the “Advanced Mode” where you will find literally every possible setting to maximize your performance and achieve that ultimate Overclock state.

Working with new Gigabyte Smart6 and EasyTune6 software was very easy, so novice enthusiasts won’t feel overwhelmed. Of course, the onboard Bigfoot Networks Killer is a unique feature that may not have widespread appeal, but it certainly will be an attractive option for the diehard gamers out there. And while most gamers will opt for a discrete audio card, the onboard Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi and amplifier is far better than most integrated solutions out there.

These features don’t come cheap though, as the G1.Assassin 2 is currently offered at $400. There is truth to the adage, "You get what you pay for", as this motherboard is very capable and feature-rich. As a result, it will l likely only appeal the the well-heeled diehards out there that want a premium board and don’t mind paying for it. That said, the Gigabyte G1.Assassin G2 is an excellent LGA2011 motherboard for those who want one of the best.

Gigabyte X79 G1.Assassin 2



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