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Gigabyte P67A-UD4

Posted January 6, 2011 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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Overclocking Results

Since the P67A-UD4 is a more budget-oriented motherboard, we decided to drop in a modestly priced chip, a 2500K. This CPU is not multi-threaded but does have an unlocked multiplier to allow for higher overclocking than a locked chip.

As described on the previous page, overclocking on Sandy Bridge is now far more dependent on the particular processor you have, and less so with the motherboard , so we don’t expect some surprisingly massive difference in overclocking between boards for the most part on a given chip.

That being said, we strapped on the Prolimatech Super Mega and juiced up the 2500K to a modest voltage and here’s what we managed:

We achieved a fully stable 4.4GHz without breaking a sweat. We know this particular chip doesn’t have much more left in the tank as far as multiplier goes.

[Ed Note: As we went to publication, a new BIOS was released. As we understand, it apparently allows for more PLL voltage that results in a higher possible multiplier for D2 Stepping processors. So it is entirely possible our 2500K will now go higher than what is shown above]

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