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Gigabyte GTX 560 SuperOverclock

Posted June 6, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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The Fermi Lineup

The GTX 560 continues to bring the GeForce 500 series forward, and this time further down into the mainstream performance market. With an MSRP of $199 for the reference design, the GTX 560 sits at the cutoff line of the very lucrative $200 market. This price range is an important one, as it represents a large target audience for gamers on a modest budget that still want some strong horsepower.

There are a few changes in the GTX 560 from its larger and more expensive sibling, the GTX 560 Ti. Although based on the same GPU used in the GTX 560 Ti, the GeForce GTX 560 receives lower CUDA cores (336, down from 384) and PolyMorph Engines (7 instead of 15). Other than that, the cards are nearly identical, with the same amount of memory, bus, and power design. Custom models can obviously have higher clock speeds and power consumption, but the GTX 560 and Ti models are almost twins for the most part. Essentially, the 560 is a cutdown version of the Ti, and costs about $50 less.

Below is a chart that shows the specifications in the current GeForce GTX lineup as things stand from Nvidia:

Below is a GPU-Z image of the Gigabyte GTX 560 Super Overclock that shows the particulars.

Note the overclock on the core with a 900MHz speed, Let’s take a closer look at the Gigabyte card.

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