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Gigabyte GA-X58-UD9

Posted August 8, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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Like many enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, literally and figuratively. So let’s cut right to the chase and tell you we’re looking at the Gigabyte GA-X58-UD9 premium motherboard. It is definitely big, one of the biggest on the market in fact, bringing no less than seven PCI-Express slots, making it longer and wider than just about every other ATX board out there. It’s physical size isn’t the only big thing about the UD9; so is its price. Costing an eye-popping $700, the UD9 is almost double the price of the closest single-socket competitor. But is the financing a mini-mortgage worth it here?

We’ve seen many X58 motherboards since their initial launch, and lately some refreshes with SATA 6G and USB 3.0 coming to the market. But we’ve never seen a board with a price tag like the UD9. We are well aware of Gigabyte’s reputation among overclockers, and truth be told, we’re big fans as well, since we’ve seen them display some of the best stability and recovery from extreme overclocking we’ve ever encountered. As a result, we decided not to baby this board during testing; we dropped in a flagship hex-core 980X CPU, along with some sub-zero cooling, to see just what this UD9 motherboard can do. Let’s take a closer look at the Gigabyte X58A-UD9 and find out.

"Gigabyte was founded in 1986 in a small lab by four young engineers passionate to make their mark on the industry. GIGABYTE remains dedicated to the core belief of improving the lives of our users by manufacturing products that are high-performing, reliable, and of excellent quality. GIGABYTE thrives on delivering the latest technology to users around the globe. We develop, test, and manufacture a wide range of products following strict quality and environmental control standards."



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