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Genius GX Gaming Gila Mouse

Posted September 5, 2014 by Jake in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $66


Sleek design; Tons of buttons; Very well priced; Strong software GUI; Variable textured surfacing


Best suited for smaller hands; Very thin thumb buttons; Some gamers may not like the offset sensor location
Great MMO/RTS mouse that doesn't break the bank, but best suited to those with smaller hands.
by Jake
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GX Gaming has really been looking to make a push deeper into the gaming consumer market, and with an expanding lineup, it looks like the company has done a fine job. From an aesthetics standpoint, the Gila looks great. It’s black and stealthy, with red accents and an angular aesthetic that’s rather unique in the market, giving it a very aggressive look for gamers wanting something a bit different.

In terms of ergonomics, it’s not particularly well suited to large hands, but works very well for anyone with small or average-sized grabbers. The textured sides are very nicely done and overall the Gila is very comfortable, though a bit on the tiny size when reaching for some of the M buttons. It may not be much of an issue in an MMO or RTS game where you have a bit of time to cycle through presets, but in an FPS game where split seconds count, some of the M buttons will be a writeoff.

In terms of features, the Instant Button is an innovative move forward, and it’s likely very handy to anyone who loves to multitask, or wants more button features out of a mouse will gravitate to the Gila. The lighting is pleasant, though blocked by the hand for the most part when in use. The software is extensive and the interface is clean and easy to understand.

There are just a couple detractions that must be mentioned though. The thumb buttons are very thin and don’t allow you to easily rocker between them; instead they require a bit more of a pressing action. Some of the M buttons are hard to reach, and if you have bear-sized paws then you may find the Gila a bit cramped.

That said, the overall package here is very good. GX Gaming is doing a great job and the icing on the cake here is the Gila can be found for about $66. That’s a very good price for a MMO/RTS mouse, as there are few currently on the market, and the competition is generally much more expensive. You do get quite a good bang for your buck here with the Gila.

So long as you don’t have jumbo-sized hands, if you’re looking for a MMO/RTS mouse that brings some unique features to the gaming experience for a price that won’t break the bank, the GX Gaming Gila is a strong option.

Genius GX Gaming Gila Mouse



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