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GELID Solutions Silent Spirit

Posted January 28, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Silent Spirit is a very interesting product. Even though GELID Solutions is very new to the cooling game, they have an impressive pedigree and that is clearly evident in the design and quality of this cooler. The engineering and implementation illustrates that attention has been paid to the little things that can make a difference in consumers’ minds and set it apart from competitors in the marketplace.

It does set out what it claims to do, and that is to offer an inexpensive and quiet product to help keep your computer cool. When running at lower speeds, the cooler certainly is very quiet, but when the temperature starts to rise it does get a bit louder due to the 92mm fan operating at much higher speeds. This isn’t any sort of dealbreaker, however, as it is to be expected here, as with all 92mm cooling fans.

What is perhaps more interesting is the the Silent Spirit appears to attempt to be many things to many people, yet it’s not quite the best at any of them in the end. It is quiet, but there are quieter coolers. It is inexpensive, but there ones that cost less on the market. Its cooling performance is very good for its size, but it’s certainly not the top performer out there. And while it doesn’t excel in any particular area, it is a rather good jack-of-all-trades cooler that is perhaps distinguishing in that it does everything pretty darn good overall. Really the only area where the Silent Spirit falls short is in a situation where an overclocked quad core CPU is the beast of choice for your system; quite simply, this cooler is not that type of workhorse. So it’s really not a fair comparison then; it’s apples to oranges. GELID Solutions does manage to do what it claims, nothing more and nothing less, and makes no apologies for it either. And that’s rather refreshing in a sea of half-truths and wishful thinking that we often see in this industry. For that GELID Solutions should be commended.

In the end, performance is King and the performance results speak for themselves, with the Silent Spirit doing a very good job within its very respectable capabilities. With a price tag of approximately $35 CDN, the performance doesn’t cost a fortune and you get a quality and quiet product for your hard-earned dollar. If you have no delusions about breaking performance or overclocking records and you’re in the market for a solid performer with low noise, take at look at the Silent Spirit, we think it’s definitely a contender.


GELID Solutions Silent Spirit

Our thanks go to GELID Solutions for providing the products for this review.



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