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GELID Solutions Silent Spirit

Posted January 28, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Features & Packaging

Here are the major features of the Silent Spirit:

The top-flow cooler “Silent Spirit” follows an open frame structure concept whereby both design and dimensions have been improved to eliminate humming and buzzing noises while maintaining a compact overall size. The 92mm fan has been chosen for silent operation and high airflow and comes with an intelligent PWM control to allow users to set the fan speed in their BIOS accordingly. In addition the anti-vibration fan mounts are made of high quality rubber thus guaranteeing a long life span even during high temperatures.

  • Quad Sintered Heatpipes
  • Unique Fin Architecture
  • Special Heatsink Angle Design
  • Optimized Air Flow Concept
  • Intelligent PWM Fan Control Curve
  • Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts

The specifications for the Silent Spirit are as follows:

  • Air Flow (CFM): 45.8 max
  • Bearing: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • Cable Length (mm): 250
  • Cooling Performance (C/W): 0.17
  • Current (A): 0.23
  • Dimensions of Cooler (mm): 108 (l) x 100.5 (w) x 125 (h)
  • Dimensions of Fan (mm): 100.5 (l) x 100.5 (w) x 45 (h)
  • Dimensions of Heatsink (mm): 108 (l) x 97 (w) x 88.5 (h)
  • Fan Speed (RPM): 900 – 2400
  • Life time MTTF at 40C (h): 50,000
  • Noise Level (dBA): 10 – 25.8
  • Voltage (V): 12
  • Warranty (years): 5
  • Weight (g): 370

One worthy notable above is the 5 year warranty, an excellent offering, meaning this cooler will still be under warranty into probably your next system. The packaging of the cooler is a standard cardboard box, cubical in shape, and the the colours of the box are white and green, reflecting GELID Solutions’ corporate theme. It looks quite sharp, rather refined and tasteful, not garish or effusive. There is adequate information on the box to let you know the basics about the product.

When you open the box you will see that the cooler packed in a clear plastic casing with thick foam on the interior to prevent the cooler from damage during transit. Well done and a good start here.

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GELID Solutions Silent Spirit
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GELID Solutions Silent Spirit
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GELID Solutions Silent Spirit

The accessories are rather basic, no frivolous items here, just the necessary mounting brackets and thermal paste. This certainly reduces costs, keeping the price lower for the consumer. This isn’t a problem at all, and it’s rather refreshing to see a company that’s not afraid to just give you the nekkid product and let it speak for itself. Quite frankly, we do prefer substance with our style. Now, normally the 1366 Socket bracket (for Intel’s Core i7) is sold separately, but GELID Solutions was kind enough to send one along for testing, so we’ll gladly oblige and get some test results on that setup for you today as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the cooler itself.

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