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GeIL Evo X DDR4 3200 Memory Review

Posted March 1, 2017 by Josh Jackson in RAM




Great performance and excellent RGB lighting


Red switch stands out quite a bit
With other RGB RAM charging a bit of a premium for their lighting effects, it's really hard to argue wit the Evo X series as a top recommendation. It not only has a nice RGB effect, but it's performance and pricing are very competitive in it's bracket as well.
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by Josh Jackson
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What GeIL has pulled off with their memory is pretty fantastic. We not only have a great looking kit, but we also have some nice stock settings and what seems to be a fairly easy ability to nab some free performance through overclocking. I was able to grab an extra notch of performance on my kit and I feel like I was being pretty safe with my voltages. A little more time and a bit less of a review workload would probably yield me even better results with this kit.

Geil Evo X Vanity

Since we’ve been through much of this already, I won’t rehash too much about the Evo X kit. It would be nice if GeIL had made the RGB switch black or clear, but I can think of worse things to happen to your build than the red one. What really surprises me is how competitive these kits are with others. Getting high speed memory like this will cost a bit more, but these kits are very nicely┬ápriced for their respective bracket. If you want the black kit, it runs a pretty average┬áprice of $140. If you don’t mind the white dimms though, you can score those on sale at Newegg for a very nice $120 at the time of this writing. This would be expected if these were standard kits, but with RGB lighting, this easily garners the GeIL Evo X 3200 Memory kits the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!


GeIL Site

Newegg Link (Black)

Newegg Link (White)




    I have to agree with you on the Editor’s Choice Award for this GEIL RAM.
    The kit of 3200MHz that I have is performing quite well and its price was the same as another company’s RAM that doesn’t even have the RGB lighting on them.


    I was looking for a Ryzen memory cause G.skill Flare X 3200 is not available in my area, even the all the Trident Z 3200 C14 also not available. I found in some forums that this cheap RGB is highly recommended for Ryzen overclock (Samsung die B). I was confused about this Ram quality because I never heard about this Ram before, also in the motherboard QVL list Geil is missing, but after reading this review put away my confusions. Going to buy it <3

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