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by Jake
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We’ve seen enough memory modules to know that performance differences are minor when running rated speeds, and to a modest degree, tighter timings. These differences really aren’t seen until we push them on the bench. The overclocking potential is what really starts to separate the different modules, aside from aesthetics and price, of course.

As for the aesthetics of the EVO TWO modules, these are sleek sticks. The black and red colour scheme is accented wonderfully by the corrugated metal lines, and would look especially sharp in an ASUS board which use the same colours. The heatspreaders are on the tall side though, so be sure you have clearance in your DIMM slots adjacent to your CPU heatsink area.

In terms of performance, the CL7 at 1600MHz is excellent. But overclocking is what separates the contenders from the pretenders. So what class are these EVO TWOs? We’d say they run as Middleweights; quick, snappy, and excitement for your dollar, but lack the knockout punch of a heavyweight. The final overclock of 1928MHz is very respectable but not top dog, and they hit the wall pretty quick even when the timings were loosened to CL9. Mileage varies though, but if you choose to run the EVO TWOs at rated speed of 1600MHz and CL7 you’ll be very happy. They’ve definitely got some punch left for overclocking, but you won’t break records; these aren’t benching sticks. They’re gorgeous performance sticks for the gamer or enthusiast that wants a great combination of style and speed.

That combination doesn’t come cheap, unfortunately. Keep in mind that memory market prices tend to fluctuate greatly, but as of this publication date, these 4GB EVO TWO modules are priced around $150 USD, which is one of the most expensive kits in this speed range and latency. There are several competitors that are cheaper in this segment, although none of them look as sexy as the EVO TWOs; these sticks are simply gorgeous. And you do pay for that, make no mistake.

The performance here is very good and there’s respectable overclocking headroom as well. GeIL has produced an outstanding design with these modules, showcasing probably the best aesthetics we’ve seen on the market. But those good looks come with a stiff price tag. There are plenty of other modules on the market that cost less, but they won’t look as good as these. If you’re looking fast modules that are gorgeous and don’t mind paying a premium, then the GeIL EVO TWO DDR3-1600 modules are up your alley.




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