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Gamdias Astrape P1 650W PSU Review

Posted April 13, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $145.54 on Newegg


Best Looking PSU Overall, Great Performance, Unique Design


Red Connectors, Price
The Astrape is a beautiful unit that takes PSU aesthetic design to a whole new level. The performance is great as well, but the price is really hard to ignore right now. If budget is no object though, look no further than Gamdias!
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by Josh Jackson
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Testing Results

Even though I don’t have thousands of dollars of PSU testing equipment, I think there’s some decent ways to put some solid performance numbers on this unit. Using two R9 290Xs in Crossfire and FurMark, I easily put around 650W of load on the Astrape. From there, I pulled voltage readings at full load and idle load to measure the regulation. After that, I ran a 4 hour stress test to find an average of watts consumed per hour, measured with a Kill-a-Watt. Finally, a quick measurement of the noise levels will give us an idea of how silent the fan is.

I didn’t have a 650W gold unit to compare with, so Gamdias got to strut its stuff against an 800W titanium unit. Voltage regulation was great, and well within specification, especially on that 12v rail. What’s impressive is how well it compared to a unit that’s in a much higher league.While I totally didn’t expect the Astrape to beat out the MaxTytan, I was extremely happy with the power consumption results. It lines up well with the gold rating, and even indicates that it might be a bit above specification. Also, I was nearly maxing out the power limit for this unit. Normally, we’d recommend having about 20% extra wattage headroom when selecting a unit for a system, which further helps with efficiency.While only a minor issue, the fan is a bit noisy at full speed. I’d still put it at the borderline of tolerable though. With silent mode enabled, the fan still maxed out at full speed when the PSU was stressed to maximum wattage. However, if you have a single graphics card, general gaming usage will likely hover around 400-500w with a top tier card. You’ll likely never hear the fan at that point with silent mode enabled. I have to say, Gamdias exceeded my expectations on performance. Let’s go ahead and wrap this up!

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