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Gainward 7800 GT Golden Sample

Posted November 1, 2005 by admin in Video Cards







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If you?re in the market for a 7800 GT the Gainward Golden Sample is a great choice. You get guaranteed 450/1050 clock speeds covered under warranty. The benchmarks on the previous pages show that the extra clock speeds?really do make a worthwhile difference, and in many respects it is the perfect choice for anyone who?is seriously considering a GTX but the price is scaring the hell out of them.

As mentioned in our previous Inno3D 7800 GT review, if you already own a card like a 6800 Ultra or X850 XT you might want to wait a while for your next upgrade. There are performance gains to be had here but they only show up at super high resolutions, so it?s most important you have a monitor that will take advantage of this cards almighty power. Having said that, if you don?t already own one of the cards mentioned above you could do a lot worse than the 7800 GT Golden Sample from gainward. It?s a fantastic card.

This card also clocked better than the Inno3D which could be put down to some slight speed binning going on a Gainward to guarantee the 450 MHz core. The extra headroom consistently made this the fastest 7800 GT we have tested, granted we?ve only tested two so far though 🙂

Price-wise, this card is pretty competitive. I found it for ?275 which is great for one of the fastest 7800 GT?s currently on the market. If you find it cheaper please let me know and I?ll list it below.

To wrap this up, the Golden Sample is? a power house of a card and I thoroughly recommend you put this one on your 7800 GT short list.

If you?re looking for the fastest 7800 GT currently out there then this could be the one. Performance was mesmerising and a good deal faster than the X850XT PE and even Inno3D 7800 GT.

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