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Gainward 7800 GT Golden Sample

Posted November 1, 2005 by admin in Video Cards







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Gainward 7800 GT Golden Sample

During its 21 year lifetime Gainward has risen to become one of the top producers of graphics boards in Taiwan. Products from Gainward include video cards, mainboards, video capture cards, and TV tuners. With branch offices in the U.S, Germany, UK, Sweden, Hong Kong and the Corporate Office in Taipei, they are well placed to deliver a quality service worldwide, which is nice 🙂

Gainward use the same style design for all the current 7800 cards. The box is a little narrower than other 7800 GT boxes but quite a bit wider. It?s only a box though, so don?t quit Firefox just yet! Included in the box are all the usual suspects. We have a CD sized manual, driver CD, the video editing software Muvee Auto Producer 3, Cyber Link Power DVD 5, breakout cable with S-video in/out and component in/out, molex to pci-e power adaptor and two DVI to VGA adaptors. It also supports VIVO. Phew!

Also included in the box is a utility called Expert Tool which once installed adds a system tray utility a lot like Riva Tuner. It gives you access to fan control, overclocking, direct X information, desktop settings and more. Above is a screen shot over the overclocking page.

Gainward?s Golden Sample follows the reference design with the only change present being the Gainward graphic.

From above we see a similar site. As already mentioned in the last 7800 GT review, this is a good choice for Shuttle based systems as it has a single slot cooler and keeps pretty cool.?

Removing the cooler we see eight DDR SG RAM modules and the core itself. The memory on this card was Infineon 2.0ns which is rated to run at 1000 MHz, but as we saw in the last 7800 GT review, the memory is good for 1200 MHz if you?re lucky. So far I?m yet to see a 7800 GT come with 1.6ns memory but it?s only a matter of time before someone pushes the boundary.

Hopefully you can see the etching in this picture. Usually I would blame my camera but to be honest, the etching is very faint. The memory code is KY818T256324F-20. The ?20? in the code is what indicates this to be 2.0ns memory.

The reference cooler is actually quite good. It is a hybrid copper/aluminium design with cooling for the memory, too. The 7800 GT runs much cooler than the GTX and so in combination with this cooler they don?t run hot.

The fan used is an ADDA AD4512HB-E01 which is the fan used for all reference based 7800 GT?s. The ?H? in the code indicates this is a high speed fan though the 7800 series has a fan controller so it will never speed up past 50%.

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