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Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review

Posted March 25, 2014 by Jake in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $60 (mouse), $35 (pad)


MOUSE - Sleek design and finish; Wonderful ergonomics; Customizable lighting; Clean and effective software; Plenty of programmable buttons; Excellent price. PAD - Double sided; No slippage; Cable holder; Excellent tracking


MOUSE - Stiff cable. PAD - None
Powerhouse mouse and pad combo with impressive features, a clean and robust software interface, a quality finish, sleek lighting effects, and excellent value for your money.
by Jake
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It appears Func is looking to build upon its success of the original MS-3 gaming mouse with the upgraded MS-3 Revision 2, offering the same design and ergonomics of the original while improving the features and internals. No reason to mess with a winning formula; mastering the nuances of a successful mouse can be challenging, and yet this one is fantastic.

In terms of features, the MS-3 Revision 2 offers a sensitive 5670 DPI laser engine, which is more than plenty for even the most hardcore gamer out there. Some may bemoan the inclusion of the ADNS 9500 sensor, but we figure those few who would notice any potential rare issues are not necessarily the target market of this mouse anyways.

There is the on-board memory to store your profiles to take on the road if you need, complete plug-and-play functionality without driver installation. Factor in a straightforward software interface that’s refreshingly easy to use while robust enough to customize almost any setting, and Func has developed an excellent and improved interface.

The ergonomics on the MS-3 Revision 2 are essentially unchanged from the original, and that is a very, very good thing. The MS-3 Rev. 2 is completely unique from nearly every other mouse on the market due to the way your hand “cups” into place. Only the Mionix Naos comes close, and it’s a much more slender mouse, so for those with larger hands, the MS-3 is the clear choice. Interestingly, while the MS-3 Revision 2 is not a small mouse, it appears to be very comfortable for those with smaller hands, based on the feedback I’ve received.

Factor in the beautiful satin finish, and the MS-3 is not only gorgeous but it’s also arguably the most comfortable I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Each button is easy to click while highly responsive, achieving a great balance between relaxed comfort and aggressive performance. If I had to nitpick, I would say the bottom thumb button near the base is a bit too stiff.

With Func products now penetrating into the market more fully, it’s not difficult to get a hold of a MS-3 Revision 2, which can be found for $60. Func has actually dropped the price about $20 from its original offering, and we think that is a bold and welcomed move. It’s a bit of a crowded marketplace in the $60 segment, but it’s not top tier, and should compete extremely well due to its sublime ergonomics and fantastic feature set.

And as for the Surface 1030² L, it is also an excellent product that showcases a simple and smart approach to functional and quality design. Func has really thought carefully about the details, and it shows. Some may say it’s “only” a mousepad, but when you consider comfort of daily use, $35 isn’t much to pay for a top product that can be viewed as an investment. Combined with the MS-3 Rev. 2, $100 as a package for both is well worth it, in our opinion.

If you’re a discerning person who cares about ergonomics and features, the Func MS-3 Revision 2 and Surface 1030² L should be at the very top of your purchase shortlist. Func really has designed the complete package here, with impressive features, a clean and robust software interface, a quality finish, sleek lighting effects, and excellent value for your money. The Func MS-3 Revision 2 and Surface 1030² L are, quite simply, a powerhouse combo package.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 and Surface 1030² L



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