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Func HS-260 Gaming Headset

Posted January 27, 2014 by Jake in PC Audio







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Price at time of Review: $80


Lightweight and sleek; Detachable mic can be used on either side; Great gaming performance; Well priced


Bass is a bit overpowering; Mic doesn't swivel vertically out of the way
Solid combination of style, function, and performance for gamers, though music lovers will look elsewhere.
by Jake
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Since audio is such an intimate personal experience, and highly subject to individual preferences, it’s not an easy market to tackle. However, as we’ve seen Func make careful jumps into new peripheral markets, they’ve shown a willingness to get things done right as opposed to fast. This seems to be the smart approach, and with Func now moving into the audio market as the next step, it seems the company has again taken a successful strategy with the HS-260 headset.

The design and aesthetics are stylish, the build quality is excellent, and the comfort is very good with the one exception that the felt earcups do get warm after prolonged use (though you can use the other smooth earcups if you prefer). The detachable and interchangable design ensures you can use the microphone on either side, and indeed you can remove it completely if you wish. The microphone itself is solid and will stay in place, though you can’t swivel it vertically out of the way.

In terms of audio quality, the HS-260 really shines in games, achieving a successful balance between the more aggressive lower-range for immersivity and the upper-range for acute positioning, managing to maintain a clear bass that is just a bit boomy from the powerful 50mm drivers. If you love bass then you will love the HS-260, but some tweaking in an equalizer is recommended for better overall balance. Music and movies aren’t nearly as impressive, suffering due to the stock tuning, but again some work in an equalizer will improve things considerably.

Set to retail for about $80, the HS-260 is a solid buy, showcasing a strong combination of function and gaming performance. Design, build quality, features, audio quality, and price—Func is continuing to move in the right direction with the HS-260 gaming headset.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset



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