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FSP Zen 400

Posted January 18, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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It is often easy to forget that power supplies do not necessarily have to be big and powerful to be an effective, quality product. Sure, it may be enticing to plug that 1200w monster into your rig and feel the power beneath your fingertips, but most of us buy something much smaller. In fact, many people are looking for something perhaps even more difficult to find: powerful and silent, with that same attention to quality.

Passive power supplies might not garner as much attention as those gaming monster units, but they do occupy an important place in the market, as more consumers look to incorporate HTPC setups into their homes. The quest for silence can be maddening for some, and today we’re looking at the FSP Zen 400 power supply, a fanless unit that no doubt is silent. But what about performance? That is indeed the question. Let’s take a look at the FSP Zen 400 and see if it’s a contender or pretender.

Thank you to our friends at FSP Group for supplying the review sample.

FSP Group (Fortron-Source Group) is the 6th largest power supply vendor in the world. Since the company was established in 1993, our outstanding management team has drawn together our R&D expertise, our sizable production capacity, outstanding product quality to consistently excel in this competitive marketplace.



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