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Fractal Design Define R3

Posted November 10, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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With the vast majority of cases being released these days all seemingly aimed at the enthusiast or gamer it is nice to find a chassis manufacturer that still reaches for the heights combining a stylish contemporary theme with maximum functionality and great sound absorbing features that creates an aura of exclusivity.

The Fractal Design R3 is the latest flagship chassis from this Swedish company, building upon the R2 predecessor with some new features and tweaks. And as we’ve come to expect from the Swedes, they know minimalist design that usually exudes beautiful simplicity and clean lines. And the R3 is no exception, as we’ll soon see. The exterior looks familiar though; we’ve seen a similar aesthetic in the Antec P180. But the similarities end there when you pull off the side panels; the R3 is a big jump ahead in terms of design and functionality.

Well, today we are going to take an look at the new chassis and see if really improves on the highly successful R2 .

At first glance, the case looks quite striking with its all black interior/exterior, which is becoming quite a popular these days. The black interior is quite impressive and looks to be very spacious and yet the overall look of the chassis seems to be more compact and smallish.

Well then, let’s have a closer look at the Fractal Design and see how it stacks up.

The concept of Fractal Design is to provide products with an extraordinary design level, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing. The computer of today has come to play a central role in most people’s home, creating a demand for appealing design of the computer itself and its accessories. Our main product areas are computer enclosures, power supplies, cooling, and Media Center-products, such as Home Theatre-enclosures, keyboards and remote controls. Fractal Design products have been thoroughly designed, tested and specified in our Swedish head quarter. The well-known ideas of Scandinavian design can be found through all of our products; a minimalistic but yet striking design – less “is” more.


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